Young Economists’ Network


About Us

The Young Economist Network (YEN) was created in 2014 from students of Economics Department in Epoka University.YEN provides young economists relation with professors of the field together in order to work toward organization of economic events in Albania and provide professional enhancement of students and strong network with professors and companies in Albania.

Network seeks memberships from students interested in having professional network from all Departments of Epoka University and other Universities in Albania.


Create a community of future leader devoted to bring a whole new concept in the way economists are interconnected; how they interact, exchange information and create contacts in order to gain employment after graduation.


YEN is projected to be a think tank for promoting new and motivated economic youth that will work and compose strategies toward prosperity and development of economic environment in Albanian society.


Board of YEN

Advisor: Jonida Balliu

 President: Morena Sheta

Vice President: Ariola Shahinaj & Bora Kokalari

Treasurer : Denisa Dervishi & Greis Rama

Public Relations: Imelda Kodra & Neralda Feruni

General Secretary: Alisa Rruga


Online Application Form

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 Jonida Balliu:

Morena Sheta