YEN’ organizes “Business & Youth”

To mark the beginning of its inception for 2014, the first event of the Youth Economists’ Network (YEN) took place this 22 November 2014 and from the attendance and participation of those involved, it was a success. “Business and Youth,” organized by current members of YEN, all from the Economics department, hosted a handful of leaders from some of the most prominent companies in today’s national, as well as international, markets.The companies hosted to the event were KPMG, Friedrich Ebert Stiftlung, ALBtelecom & Eagle Mobile, Intesa Sanpaulo, and Ande-LM. Speakers from each company provided detailed information on a variety of topics; Mr. Steven Nutley of KPMG, one of the largest auditing firms in the region, discussed the role of auditing and its effect on the development of a company. Ms. Elena Pici, a former student of Epoka University and current employee at Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, examined the emergence of students into the workplace after univeristy, as well as what students can do during univeristy to be better prepared for future employment. Ms. Adela Bibra and Ms. Besiana Alikaj of the ever ubiquitous ALBtelecom & Eagle Mobile presented their views on the importance of creative marketing and the power of an effective advertisement, especially in a market such as telecommunications where the industry here in Albania is especially competitive. Next, Ms. Ermelinda Dosti of Intesa Sanpaulo Bank introduced us to the new products the bank is offering soon, and in addition, she discussed the steps it takes into developing, creating, and implementing a new service or product in today’s market. Lastly, we had Ms. Adeila Makashi of Ande-LM discuses the importance of effective communication within a company and when presenting a company to others. Ms. Makashi did not fail to have students in the audience actively participate during her presentation.

Present at the event were students from all Economics related fields from all years, and the speakers took advantage of the opportunity of the turnout to involve the audience members to demonstrate their points. The interaction between the presenters and students was lighthearted, yet respectful.



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