Student Mentorship Program

10257492_698626270183506_8634149691812902684_nBusiness Administration Department boasts the First mentor-ship program for students with low performance, serving approximately to 50 students with special meetings and sessions. This approach resulted as a helpful solution for the students with participating. Conflict Resolution Club supported by Business Administration Department organized Mentor-ship programs. During the final exam period some students of Business Department were gathered to prepare themselves for the final exams. For each studying groups, the CRC settled a mentor who has high performance on the classes.

Mentors as Ms. Eva Xhoxha, Ms. Besjana Ajazi,  Mr. Euron Metaliaj and Mr. Leonard Dervishi provided students with diverse studying support which helps to improve the level of understanding the subjects or better quality of home work assignments. These relationships have proven to be enriching and longstanding on the performance of the students.


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