Sensitive Society Club Helping Activity

What a day!!! A roller coaster of emotions..Unbelievable how sometimes us, human beings take things for granted and do not enjoy the little things of life. Our Sensitive Society Club, together with professor Ozcan and Yilmaz, visited two extremely poor families in the most miserable neighborhoods in Albania, ”Bregu I lumit”. We met two families which both of them had one of their child with disabilities. Both of the children were paralyzed by a brain disease. We donated an amount of money which could help them buy the main essential things, brought them food, beverages, but also wheel chair because one of their child was not able to walk. The first family lived in Lushnje and the second one in Tirana at ”Bregu i lumit”. The second family was composed of 5 girls and one little boy and 4 adults. Only one member of the family worked and the house conditions were worse that you can imagine. All of them lived in one big room. One of the best moments was when the little children grabbed the fruits and chocolates we bought them and their eyes were shining from joy and excitement.

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