Round-Table with IG Alpbach

Conflict Resolution Club organizes a meeting with the non-governmental organization, Initiative Group Alpbach Albania on 3rd of June 2014. The IG Alpbach encourages students to participate in different activities such as; workshops, seminars,conferences,lecture discussions and round tables related to the European Forum Alpbach. During the meeting, two of the representatives of Alpbach Albania discussed about the encouragement of the corporation among young people all around the world, promotion of exchange programs and summer schools which provide extra knowledge to the students. The IG Alpbach Albania is a very good opportunity for students who want to go abroad and experience something differently just by participating in European Forum Alpbach. Another thing that was mentioned was that the applicants who were chosen to participate at IG Alpbach, was provided a full or half scholarship programme in order to send the students at the events of Alpbach. Such great opportunities are given to the students by this organization which has almost two years operating in Albania. Conflict Resolution Club successfully created a new opportunity to the students who want to experience the European Forums only through the IG Alpbach Albania.


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