Projects Club

Projects Club

Who are we?

The Projects’ Club at Epoka University was founded in March 2015. It is a students organization founded in order to assist students studying at Epoka  University. The club is managed by students in close collaboration with university Research and Projects Office, offers many activities and to support the students’ ideas at Epoka University.

Our Mission

Our main mission is to give to students the opportunity to feel free to express their ideas and opinions no matter what department they are from and to work together with patience and good intentions, by understanding each others needs and exchanging our experiences. We also aim to keep the students always updated and informed with the latest events around the world for example internships, different activities etc. Also, we are currently working to register the club at the EVS(European Volantary Service) financed by Erasmus+. Till now, we have got the PIC number (927696846) and a group of students is working to submit the required application  documents.

Board Members

  • Diturije Ismaili - Advisor
  • Xhoi Rapi - President
  • Mariola Muci - Vice President
  • Sara Makishti - Secretary
  • Maria Balla- Treasurer
  • Endri Mataj - IT Manager & Public Relations




Xhoi Rapi

Endri Mataj: