Open Forum: Msc. Edison Barhani “Future Opportunities in Civil Engineering”.

On 19 March 2014 Epoka University Future Engineers Club and Department of Civil Engineering organized an open forum with MSc.Edison Barhani a young but very experienced Civil Engineer.
Mr. Barhani has graduated from  Boğaziçi University, Department of Civil Engineering (Istanbul/Turkey) were he has completed also the Master Studies in the field of Transportation engineering. After graduation he has worked in different national and international projects with Albanian and foreign companies.
The topic of the forum consisted  on “Future Opportunities in Civil Engineering “.
The Engineer shared  some of his professional experiences with our students, his challenges as a student himself  and as a well formed engineer nowadays.
In his speech Mr. Barhani tried to explain the Albanian market, the future needs and opportunities  in Civil Engineering and the futuristic challenges around the world.
 He tried to explain and make students have a broaden picture of the possibilities and opportunities that Civil Engineering offers so that they would be informed when making their choices.
The  main advice for students was to give an importance to field work, to never give up on improvement and especially on ethics because these would lead them into being  responsible and successful engineers.
After the speech students were free to ask questions and discuss.
This forum was one of some that Future Engineers’ Club intents to organize for all its members.



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