Open Forum-Blendi Fevziu

On 20th of December 2016, Young Economists Network Club organised an Open Forum where Mr. Blendi Fevziu was invited to discuss about the political and economic developments in Albania.

At first, Mr. Fevziu talked about his latest book ˝Pushteti˝, where he shared some details of his first steps of writing it and then he focused on the impact that power can have on the political arena, and thus influencing the decisions made for the well-being of the economy. Moreover, he illustrated his arguments by giving some specific examples of different powerful people whose acts influence the world both in positive and negative aspects. Furthermore, Mr. Blendi recalled some facts from the history of Albania by analysing different Albanian leaders throughout the years.

The forum was very interactive as well. All of the students were allowed to make questions and Mr.Fevziu seemed very willing to give specific answers. The nature of questions varied from the reasons which influenced Mr.Blendi to write Pushteti, to his opinion regarding the fiscal and public policies applied in Albania.

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