Meeting Compassion Albania

Conflict Resolution and Women Leadership Club are collaborating in the next project which requires care and commitment as it is one of the most important one. On 29 March 2014, both Clubs with their representative members visited the help center “Compassion” in Tirana. In this center, was held a meeting with the general administrator Mr. G├╝rkan Kurt and the main topic was about the chairtable aid for people in need. The Compassion is operating in Albania as a help center for the poor families in every corner of Albania. Part of discussion, was the project that will be soon active in collaboration with Mr. Kurt and Epoka University’s students club. The project is concerned in collecting clothes to donate to people in need. It requires a lot of time and assiduty to achieve our common goal. Conflict Resolution Club is very content for such projects that will help Albanian society. The life of a person consists not in seeing visions and in dreaming dreams, but in active charity and in willing help to each other.


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