Marketing Zone



Marketing Lovers Club was the home of marketing at Epoka University during the last months of academic year 2013-2014. Founded in May 2014 this club organized “360° Marketing Seminars”; an important marketing event. The fantastic work done by Dr. Vusal Gambarov, Artir, Dejvi, Frenkli, Ermir, Enxhi, Eglantina, Jona, Gjergji, Erjon and many other member was the inspiration for a fresh start.

On November 3,  2014 Marketing Zone; the youngest group at Epoka University, the new home of marketing that aims to go beyond Epoka and Albania was born. Open Forums, Workshops, Company Visits and Competition of ideas are some of the upcoming events to complete the fresh start. Epoka University has a clear vision: “To be a leading university in Albania in the areas of education, research and development as well as service to society”. Marketing Zone has a clear vision too: “To be a leading organization of Albania in Marketing”.