“Light Up Your Brain”- Project Cycle Management Training, Phase 1

Over 20 students of Epoka University stepped back from their primary commitments on Thursday, 29th January, to give themselves an opportunity to improve their Project compilation skills, through a Project Cycle Management Training organized by Academics Student Club.

The opening of the event was inaugurated by the Rector’s speech and greetings from his guest of European College of Kosovo, Prof. Dr. Ali Bajgora. Thus, the first phase of the three stage training started.

Academics Club brought to the campus of University a platform that aims to combine theory and practice. The students were divided into six groups, respectively, Social Business (2), Fashion Industry, Information Technology, Infrastructure and Tourism. After the platform was explained by Club members, professors took place in one of the groups and shared their personal experience on the field. Following brainstorming the groups came out with one idea to be developed in further stages in the form of a business plan. Each step of the business plan will be in line with the training which will be held by Students and supported by the precious help of Professors.

In a further step, collaboration with Project Office is expected to make the dreams come true!


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