Let’s replace plastic bags with jeans.

“RECYCLE JEANS” is the newest initiative clubs from Epoka University have been attached to. The idea is very simple: jeans clothes are donated. Then a small group of people employed in this social business sews bags out of the clothes. The implementation has started in Tirana being the biggest centre with the largest number of people and businesses consuming plastic bags. Supported by the Deputy Minister of Education and Sports Mrs. Nora Malaj Epoka University started recycling as well.
The project leaders claim that each family in Tirana consumes 8-10 different sized plastic bags a day that amounts for 240-300 pieces per month with a cost of 200-300 ALL. This cost is hidden from the consumers as it does not appear on the bills they pay. Long term the project aims to establish a good practice of the plastic bags to be paid for so that to lead the consumers to the cloth bag usage or alternatives that are environmental friendly and less costly.
This is just the starting point for Epoka University. ‘ARKIspace’ and ‘Sensitive Society’ students clubs will continue to follow up and support the project.


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