Innovative Spirit Project: Getting Down to Business

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Innovative Enterprises Club in cooperation with the Ministry for Innovation and Public Administration organized the “Innovative Spirit Project: Getting Down to Business” Competition. The competition`s main focus was the innovative ideas of students from different fields of study and it was opened to students from different universities of Albania and abroad.

Speaking at the beginning of the ceremony the Rector of Epoka University, Prof. Remzi Altın welcomed the Minister for Innovation and Public Administration, Dr. Milena Harito and especially the participants in this competition. Prof. Altın noted that Epoka University aims and is working hard to conduct activities at the most efficient way in the areas of teaching, scientific research and service to society. According to Prof. Altın has placed students at the centre of its activities and it’s most important strategic objective is to raise students at the best possible way, for their future at the labor market, in order to be the main contributors to society. “Epoka University encourages students, and is working hard not just to prepare them the for the labor market, but also to be focused and develop innovative projects. We believe that when our students will graduate they will be ready to face to the labor market standards. We believe that innovative ideas/projects and the entrepreneur skills are very important for all universities all over the world”, Prof. Altın said.

Focusing on the university’s projects Prof. Altın emphasized that Epoka University signed several Cooperation Agreements with the business companies in the areas of education and business development as well as the co-organization of training programs concerning human resources development in the framework of student’s internships and Student Clubs interested in business, entrepreneurship and innovation. “One of our projects which we are working hard is the techno park project, which we believe will be a very important for our university as an instrument to prepare the students for the labor market and to be able to compete at an international level”, Prof. Altın said.

The Minister for Innovation and Public Administration Dr. Milena Harito in her speech highlighted the fact that such activities organized by students are a valuable contribution to the change. “I am convinced that change in this country will come from you, will be supported by you and cannot be done without you. This is not a slogan, but an incontestable fact. Of course, changes take time and we all know that changes in mentality take more time. Change itself is also a generational change. I think it is very important the participation of the students. I would thank Mr. Rector for his support for increasing the participation of students and for the message that change belongs to students”, Dr, Harito said.

The “Innovative Spirit Project: Getting Down to Business” Competition was organized in two phase. After the first phase, the selection of the best projects, on January 13, 2014, the jury composed of Prof. Dr. Remzi Altın, the Rector of Epoka University, Prof. Dr. Güngör Turan, Dean of the FEAS at Epoka University, Assist. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Üç, Head of the Business Administration at Epoka University, Ms. Anila Çeliku, Head of the Finance Operation – Finance Department at Vodafone Albania, Mr. Uranik Begu, Exevutive Director at Innovation Center Kosovo voted as the best the project “Mundem” prepared by Senada Mulgeci and Olta Sida. While the “Innovative Award by Vodafone Albania” was given to “The Babysitting Tirana” project, prepared by Melina Meca and Selda Selfollari.


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