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“Innovation is not the product of logical thought, although the result is tied to logical structure.” Albert Einstein

Innovative Enterprises Club is one of the clubs accessible for Epoka University’s students. The aim of our club is to bring innovation to business. The purpose of this club is to organize events and meetings so that the members of this club, but not only, have the opportunity to share ideas and experiences. What we aim to achieve is creating an environment that would make everyone to come up with innovative ideas.




September 2015 Conference paper preparation (INTOC Conference-Ankara)
October 2015
1.“Have Courage: Start-up & Innovate” Competition Application in two
    different work groups of 5 students. (Organized by AIDA)
2.Collaboration Agreement with Fatih University Student Clubs Coordinator
November 2015
1.Participation and Paper Presentation at INTOC Conference-Ankara
2.Trainings offered by “Have Courage: Start-up & Innovate” Competition
December 2015 Charity Event “An orphan`s smile is worth the whole world”
January 2016 Open Forum with Mr.Rezart Prifti, lecturer at UT ” The only two things in a business that make money:

  • Innovation and Marketing. Everything else is just a cost “
February 2016
Research: Topic to be specified
March 2016 Research: Topic to be specified


Board of IE

Alba Kruja Advisor
Tea Pikuli Board Member
Eni Papuciu Board Member
Nelsi Haxhija Board Member
Viola Peza Board Member
Hendi Kushta Board Member
Gison Avdylaj Board Member
Lunender Cuedari Board Member
Arjana Feta Board Member
Arba Hoxhalli Board Member


Alba Kruja 

Nelsi Haxhija

Eni Papuciu