Innovative Enterprises Club visited the Innovation Center of Kosovo

On March 29 2014, Innovative Enterprises Student Club under the department of Business Administration, organized a trip to Prishtina, Kosovo with the purpose to visit the Innovation Center of Kosovo.

Innovation Center of Kosovo was founded to support entrepreneurship, innovation and commercially based business development, with a focus on information and communication technology. The center supports both start-ups and existing companies. They use the best practices from more than 15 Innovation Centers around the world. It is being implemented by Athene Prosjektledelse, Norway, in cooperation with STIKK (Kosovo Association of Information and Communication Technology), as part of a business development project of Kosovo, financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The trip was organized by the club board members and participants were Business Informatics students of first year and second year of and fourth year Business-Administration department students. While visiting ICK we learned about their main activities. ICK is a hub for connecting new ideas and technology with human and financial resources to create or expand commercially viable companies that can successfully fill the needs in the market, generating sales, trade, local productive capacity and skilled employment. Innovation Centre of Kosovo offers incubator services, mentoring, consulting and training to entrepreneurs and managers in business planning, accounting, finance, product/service development, marketing, sales, human resources, technology development and transfer and matchmaking with local, regional and international businesses. Incubators provide an engaging environment for commercialization of viable business ideas, as well as visibility in the market for both new and existing companies. The ICK Incubator provides pre-incubation, incubation and virtual incubation services, depending on the experience of the team and level of development of the business idea.

Trainings offers the possibility to choose between 3 training rooms fully equipped for training courses from the IT or Business Industry, 2 presentation rooms, 1 meeting  room, 1 Events Area and 16 co-working spaces. Each room offers comfort seating, a modern scenery, the latest hardware and software, possibilities for networking and catering.

Training programs, that are hosted within ICK from internal and external partners are crafted in such a way that target specifically market gaps, thus giving young people the opportunity to learn skills they need for the challenging and dynamic market, may it be local or international.

ICK has many events and one of their most important is Week of Women. The goal of this event is to invite future women leaders from all segments of society to participate in a week-long academy where they can discuss, learn and identify skills and techniques to become more effective in their chosen field.

Everyone who has a business idea can go to ICK to develop their ideas and launch in the market. A better collaboration between Albania and Kosovo regarding the business environment is beneficial for both parties.


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