Idriz Zogaj at Epoka : ”How to become a Memory Master

Marketing Zone kindly invites you to participate at their event:
“Idriz Zogaj at Epoka : ”How to become a Memory Master”

Idriz Zogaj is a memory athlete. He participated 7 times at Memory World Championship and he is a former Memory Champion of Sweden.

Improving the memory can have a huge impact in your professional life, because most of careers are based on memorizing. An enhanced memory can help you in many aspects of learning, like learning languages, accessing data, or interacting with people.

Idriz Zogaj explains how anybody can have an enhanced memory and even become a memory athlete.

Date and Time: 03 December 2015
Time: 12:00
Venue: Epoka University Conference Hall
Participants: Mr. Idriz Zogaj


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