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You are kindly invited to join FEC activities, give your suggestions, share your ideas, donate, share with your friends etc… Please do not hesitate to contact us at:


FEC Advisor-2017

Marsed Leti

The mission of the Undergraduate Future Engineers Club is to provide a forum for all future engineers and others whose common interest is in different engineering discipline, to discuss and experience topics, events and places of current and historical interest, with an emphasis on engineering, providing a social outlet while promoting a better fellowship among students, faculty, and professional engineers and to increase the future engineers’ knowledge of engineering in all of its phases. This includes communication, organization, and participation, as well as training in technical matters. It is in our mission to help students to become valuable individuals to contribute for the development of Albania.


• Future Engineers Club is organizing a trip to Budapest. If you would like to participate, please confirm your participation by filling out this form.

• Future Engineers Club and Department of Civil Engineering organized an open forum with Mrs. Almida Kaziu, a Civil Engineering Alumni of Epoka University.
Open Forum - Studying Abroad

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