Football Championship kicks off!


On Monday, November 24, 2014 Epoka Sports Club started the 8th Edition of Epoka Football Championship. This semester participate 10 teams, which are divided into two groups of five. The first ranked teams will be qualified for the semifinals, whereas the second and third ranked teams will have to play in the quarterfinals to get a place in semifinal.

In the first three days the results of the played matches are:

Group A:

Korabi (BAFAL) – Codeblocks (BINF) 10 – 0

Dream Team (CE) – Binf United (BINF)

Group B:

Lmntrix (BAF) – Archers (ARCH) 4 – 9

Autochthonous (BAF) – Arkitektat (ARCH) 3 – 3

Lmntrix (BAF) – Albanian Eagles (ARCH) 9 – 3



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