‘Epoka League’ Tournament: The International Football Championship for high schools

‘Epoka League’ Tournament is the International Football Championship for high schools organized in Tirana (Albania), hosted by Epoka University Sports Club.‘Epoka League’ is a mini football tournament between high schools in Albania, the Balkans and beyond. The tournament has assured the attention and support of the Albanian Ministry of Education and Sports and the Albanian Football Association.The tournament will take place in two phases: the preliminary phase between high schools in Albania during March 9 – March 27, 2015 and the final phase at Epoka University campus for five days during April 6 to April 10, 2015.The main goal is to offer students a platform where sport is seen as a valuable instrument to develop and experience interaction. Special emphasis is given to the values of Fair Play and Universal Friendship. The number of participating teams is limited to 32 for the final phase.

We are fully confident that “Epoka League” will be a successful event thanks to the involvement and contribution of many schools in Albania and abroad. For more information please refer to: http://epokaleague.epoka.edu.al/


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