Entrepreneurs Club visits ProCredit Bank

ProCredit Visit

According to the activity agenda of the “Entrepreneur Club” the next visit was to one of the best banks of Albania, ProCredit Bank. A group of 12 students, Entrepreneur Club’s members of Banking and Finance and Economics Departments, on 4th of April visited the ProCredit Bank’s environment. The Club was greeted warmly by three members of the staff who belonged to the Human Resources Office. They were the student’s companions for the whole “tour” in some of the Bank’s offices.

First, the student group went to the Front Office, from where they met the director of Business Consultants Department. He made a short presentation to them, including an explanation about his duty as an advisor for all those who had decided to trust this bank with their businesses. Then, they were accompanied toward the Control of Banking Operations and Accounting Departments, continuing further with the Risk Management Department, which was seen as a Middle Office, because one of the most important tasks was the improvement and minimization of losses that may occur during various operations & transactions. It is worth mentioning that all the staff was well-prepared and very welcoming.

After seeing all these sectors, the student group was taken to the meeting room. The director of Human Resources Office started talking about the history of ProCredit Bank, its mission and vision and then presented a video presentation, where the main focus was the Young Bankers Program. The Young Bankers Program was a comprehensive development training program for recent graduates from universities or other higher education institutions, as well as for qualified professionals. This program was the only entry point to ProCredit Bank. When the video was finished, the staff, that welcomed us since we got there, were happy to answer all the students’ questions, concerning the Young Bankers Program, employment opportunities and of course the skills needed to become part of this program and hopefully part of this well structured bank. After a very pleasant conversation, they gave to all of them a little present to remember this beautiful visit.


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