“Debate of the Month” organized at Epoka University by Young Economists Network (YEN club)

Is social media a fake or a real world? How is it affecting our lives and privacy? What’s the value of the virtual contact versus the live one? These questions and many others have been elaborated and debated between two teams of professors at Epoka University. Organised by Young Economists Network, this debate was the second one for Academic Year 2014-2015. Professors were positioned as PRO and CON related to the topic “Positive and Negative effects of Social Media on Youth”. The debate was organized in strict time lapse per each team and the students had the say to evaluate the winning team by open voting at the end of the debate. Team PRO consisted of Professors: Bekir Cinar, Mirjana Sejdini and Xhimi Hysa and team CON consisted of Professors: Abdulmenaf Sejdini, Erda Cani and Vusal Gambarov. Intriguing arguments touched territories and theories such as; Privacy is lost since birth; the virtual individual is a machine; the virtual world delivers opportunities to express the wild side; social media has empowered and made communication financially much feasible; behind the media there are some strong marketers etc. The debate was vivid, at times touchy and at times ironic. Epoka students and staff enjoyed and got away with some new things to consider. The winning team established by audience voting was CON team who were presenting the Negative effect that social media is having on the youth.


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