“Current Economic and Political Development in Kosovo and Cooperation between Kosovo and Albania”

Prof. Dr. Muhamet Mustafa the Chairman of the Riinvest Institute and Mr. Bardhyl the Executive Director  of Riinvest Institute visited Epoka University on November 16, 2015 and discussed with the students at the Open Forum, which was organized by “Young Economist Network”. He was invited to present and provide further information about the current economic and political development in Kosovo.

At the beginning of the discussion with the students of Epoka University, Prof. Dr Mustafa talked about the general economic view of Kosovo and the political stability of this country.   During the second part of his discussion Prof. Dr Muhamet mentioned the co-operation issue between Kosovo and Albania. He said that they are two countries but one nature.

At the last section of the Open Forum, students asked him questions related to the economic issues of Kosovo. How the country of Kosovo is nowadays in comparison with expectations that they had. There is a good interaction of Prof. Muhamet with audience.



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