Conflict Resolution Club


Conflict Resolution Club

Conflict Resolution Club


Our mission is to raise awareness about the different conflicts surrounding us and trying to solve them in the best possible way. To achieve this we should work together with patience, tolerance and good intentions, understanding each others needs and exchanging our experiences. Hopefully, in the end we will have improved our life. The club aims to stimulate student leadership among the student body while bringing everyone in the community together to think critically about current affairs.


Conflict Resolution Club will be the reflection of all the activities our club will organize. All activities will be open for everyone’s participation and contribution, so we will keep you updated with the announcement.
If you have new idea or suggestion you are welcome to share it with us.



The board members of Conflict Resolution Club and their specific roles:


Jubjana Vila


Griselda Liçi


Inva Nela


Ines Tugu

Treasurer Responsible:

Dejniz Shahu

General Secretary:

Sara Maçolli

IT Manager:

Klajdi Kaziu

Public Relations:

Bjorn Kamberi

Klajdi Ballanca

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