Clubs Fest – A one day Fest!

On Tuesday, November 17 Epoka University organised Clubs Fest. This is the second year that Dean of Students Office organises this event where all the clubs is given the opportunity to represent themselves and recruit new members.

Ejsi Berisha, a third year student from Banking and Finance department was the speaker of the event and made the oppening speech. After that each club had prepared a video presentation about their activities and had selected one representative to show that. Among the presentations there were songs sang by our talented students Leander Uka second year student from Computer Enineering and Xhulia Xhakanaj a first year student from Architecture. After the presentations the “Clubs Fest” cake was cut by one of the students and delivered to everyone.

Each club had its own stand decorated according to their desire where they hosted interested students and gave detailed information about their club. During the fest painters painted a picture and performed Ebru art, organised by Art and Culture Club. Robotics Club demonstrated the tasks of their mini robot and Sports Club organised mini tournaments in chess, pool billiards, ping pong. November is known as Epilepsy awarenes month and Sensitive Society Club in Collaboration with Art and Culture Club gave a brief information about this desease and delivered a purple ribbon to academic and administrative staff  and to all students in sign of awareness.

The event finished with students dancing and singing karaoke all



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