Debate ” Woman vs Man”

  Women Leadership Club in collaboration with Dean of Students organized on May 14, 2014 the Debate “Woman vs Man” professor of Epoka University which was deemed by students as one of the most interesting events of this academic year. The topic of debate was “Behind every successful man there is a woman.” Man team […]

“Keep Calm and Save Nature”

  Women’s Leadership Club in collaboration with students of Epoka University are grouped together to give their contribution to Albanian Development and Growth by focusing on environmental section. So, on behalf of one of Millennium Development Goals related with the environment which is not reached yet for Albanian Case, the EcoGreen Team has decided to […]

Blood Donation Day

    Blood Donation Campaign was a successful collaboration among students, professors and the medical staff of Albanian and Norwegian Red Cross.  Thanks to the good willing of all donators, some of the thalassemic children will receive blood for at least the next therapy. On behalf of those children THANK YOU!      

V-FUND organizes Food Fair

Epoka Volunteer Foundation Club organized on April 1, 2014  the second  Food Fair for this academic year in the premises of  Epoka  University. This event  provided a warm environment and  a wide variety of foods prepared by the club members. The objective of this initiative  was multidimensional. It aimed to raise the level of solidarity […]

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