Training Programs

A very welcomed invitation came for volunteering at Down Syndrome Albania for a three days training. Volunteers from Conflict Resolution Club were present during the training guests from Netherlands. Dr. Peter Lauteslager, a pediatrician physiotherapist gave a professional training for 20 students that were participating to gain more knowledge and experience for their future job. […]


On 16th of May, Entrepreneur Club organized “Workshop Day II”. This was the 2nd time that this event took place at Epoka University, building the idea of a tradition for the club. Among the numerous applications there were chosen 56 participants, distributed in 5 different topics. The discussion was divided in three rounds where in […]

Business Plan Competition

Entrepreneur Club in collaboration with Conflict Resolution Club organized the final stage of the project “Business Plan”. On 11 April 2014 was held the final stage of the competition between three finalists. The participants were: Megi Hoxha – whose idea was a business with the main purpose recycling and would offer new objects created by […]