Business Plan Contest

Entrepreneur Club in collaboration with Conflict Resolution Club organized the final stage of the project “Business Plan”. On 11 April 2014 was held the final stage of the competition between three finalists. The participants were: Megi Hoxha – whose idea was a business with the main purpose recycling and would offer new objects created by the old ones. Her business plan was m&h concept. Mei Mahila – whose idea was about opening a course centre for everyone who want to improve or start learning a wider languages or courses for any subject including preparation for Matura Exams. Her business plan was “Dije” Course Centre. Besjana Ajazi – whose idea was starting a new business like that of a restaurant but the interesting in it was that the business would not take any profit from their clients but only give to them an enjoyable time in her restaurant and become her daily clients. Her business plan was “Njaket” Resaurant. This competition was observed also by four judges who gave their decision for the winner of business plan.  The jury members were: Dean of Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Prof. Dr. Güngör Turan, Head of Business Administration Department, Assist. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Üç and the distinguished guests from Coca Cola and representatives from KPMG. Besides the competition between three finalists, there were given certificates to them for the first, second and third place. The third place in this competition was given to Besjana Ajazi and the second place to Megi Hoxha. The winner of the final stage of the competition was given to Mei Mahila. The business plan of Mei Mahila was estimated as the best one. The business plan competition of Entrepreneur Club in collaboration with Conflict Resolution Club resulted a very valid project for the first year students of Epoka University.



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