Epoka Language Club First Meeting

  Today Epoka Language Club held first meeting with club members. In the presence of advisor, co-advisor, president and vice president of the club was discussed about the plan activity of the club. The purpose of this meeting was that the club members were known to each other but also to decide when to schedule […]

Entrepreneur Club’s members visited ALBtelecom and Eagle Mobile

Entrepreneur Club’s members visited ALBtelecom and Eagle Mobile

A group of 15 students from different Faculty programs, as Entrepreneur Club’s members, visited ALBtelecom and Eagle Mobile environment. Staff of the company, Mrs. Ferhati and her colleges, warmly welcomed the students. They introduced the students firstly with the small “museum”, found on the first floor of the company. There were exhibit old communication means […]

Informing Session on the IELTS Exam

Epoka Language Club and Epoka IELTS Coordination Unit is organizing the Informing Session on the IELTS Exam on Wednesday, November 13, 2013, at 11:30 hours at the Conference Hall (E-Building). On this occasion, representatives from the British Council Albania will deliver a presentation on the content of IELTS and on the organization of this exam at the premises of Epoka University, the first of […]

Epoka Language Club Meeting Announcement

Epoka Language Club wants to give a start to its activities, for this reason we kindly ask for your participation in the first meeting planned to take place tomorrow, Tuesday, November 12, 2013 at A-131 (A-building) at 08:30 hours. Your presence in this meeting is important, since we also will have to decide upon the schedule of the […]

Model i seances parlamentare

Model i seances parlamentare

Në përpjekje për të nxitur bashkëpunimin mes të rinjve, Universiteti “Epoka” për herë të parë organizon modelimin e një seance parlamentare. Eventi do të organizohet në formën e një konkursi me pjesëmarrjen e nxënësve ts gjimnazeve ts ndryshme ts kryeqytetit dhe studentëve të Universitetit “Epoka”, ku nëpermjet parashtrimit të ideve të secilit pjesmarrës dhe diskutimeve […]

Epoka Football Championship – Team Registrations Period

We would like to inform you that Football Championship for fall semester 2013 organized by Epoka Sports Club will start on 11 November 2013.Deadline for your Team registration is 7 November 2013 and registration fee for each team is 2.500 leke. PS: Members of each team must be from the same department. For further information please contact: Rexhep Dokja (rdokja@epoka.edu.al)                   Student Clubs […]