Auron Tare: Corfu Channel Incident

Auron Tare a known figure in the field of Albanian cultural heritage. He was born in Tirana in 1968 graduated from the Military Academy and Skanderbeg Institute of Physical Culture in Tirana. From 1994 – 2000 has been a representative of the Butrint Foundation Cultural Foundation established by Lord Rothschild and Lord Sainsbery of Candover. Has also been a member of the British team Channel Four Television in civil unrest in Albania in 1997 and Kosovo and Macedonia wars from 1998 to 1999. Mr. Tare was the honorable guest of Epoka University for an open forum. The topic he shared his experience was about the corfur channel incident.The Corfu Channel Incident refers to three separate events involving Royal Navy ships in the Channel of Corfu which took place in 1946, and it is considered an early episode of the Cold War. During the first incident, Royal Navy ships came under fire from Albanian fortifications. The second incident involved Royal Navy ships striking mines and the third incident occurred when the Royal Navy conducted mine-clearing operations in the Corfu Channel, but in Albanian territorial waters, and Albania complained about them to the United Nations.This series of incidents led to the Corfu Channel Case, where the United Kingdom brought a case against the People’s Socialist Republic of Albania to the International Court of Justice. The Court rendered a decision under which Albania was to pay £844,000 to Great Britain. This is equivalent to £25.2 million in present-day terms. Because of the incidents, Britain, in 1946, broke off talks with Albania aimed at establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries. Diplomatic relations were only restored in 1991.Mr.Tare showed his facts and reasons why he states that Albania was innocent on this issue. He once more underlined that nothing can be changed but Albanians need to know that there was not Albanians fault on this issue.


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