Art and Culture Club

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The mission of our club is to make “Art and Culture” Club a gathering place to celebrate, promote and inspire arts and culture in our university. Students are offered the opportunity to gain professional lecturing on singing, painting, photographing and acting. Everyone who thinks they possess any talent is encouraged to join us.



Advisor: Jonada Tafa

Co-advisor: Ersejda Demirxhiu

President: Vilma Cekani

Vice-President: Leander Uka

Treasurer: Shqiponja Dakaj

Secretary: Gilserena Mirashi

PR: Keisi Met’hoxha


Activity Plan

Date                                                                              Event

November,2015                                                       28-29 November Exhibition

January-June,2016                                                 Painting Classes

January-June,2016                                                 Photographing Classes

March, 2016                                                           “Epoka Sings” Talent Show

March-May,2016                                                     Theater Classes



Jonada Tafa

Vilma Cekani: