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Applications for the 2nd Entrepreneur’s Workshop Day are opened.
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The workshop format:
1. One general speaker is chosen for each table
2. 8 chairs around each table numbered from 1 to 8,
4. Starting point is the chair-1 for each table
5. Paired groups are constructed in clockwise order
6. Paired groups talk about the topic (X) and reach the results A, B, C,D, (first round, 20 min)
7. One speaker is chosen in each paired group for the further conversation about the results A, B,C and D
8. New paired groups are constructed according to the 5th rule and workshop continues accordingly (second and third rounds, 20 min and 15min respectively)
9. Solution Q arises finally
10. So, topic X leads to solution Q

In the workshop, the moderator;
– lead in the topic and summarize the format
– moderate the time
– visit the tables and shape the conversations with questions, if possible
– make the general speaker of each table write the outcome of each table in 2-3 sentences

Apply online: Application Form
Contact: Entrepreneurs Club Board Members or Mrs. Erinda Imeraj.


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