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Academics Club


The purpose of this club/organization is maintaining and enrolling students as much as possible in the academic life and show the great opportunities that activities deliver to deal with the theoretical and practical management of courses taken. Also showing the importance of academia in the life of a student and scientific research area are primary goals of our club.

Academics Club organised an open forum with the president of one of the most successful non for profit organisations in Albania, UNIque Junior Enterprises, Msc. Indri Dyrmishi. He launched StartUp Live Tirana #4 in form of a training “How to present your idea in 90 seconds”.

AcademicsC Board participated in Tung Ideve 2015 organized by Innovative Enterprises Club!

“Light Up Your Brain”- Project Cycle Management Training, Phase I and II
Over 20 students of Epoka University stepped back from their primary commitments on Thursday, 29th January, to give themselves an opportunity to improve their Project compilation skills, through a Project Cycle Management Training organized by Academics Student Club.
The opening of the event was inaugurated by the Rector’s speech and greetings from his guest of European College of Kosovo. Thus, the first phase of the three stage training started.